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If he was going to fight in a movie, he freaking trained for six months. they’re always taking the power away from the women.”“I’ve decided to open my mind to carrying something on my own, to see if I can pull it off, because I haven’t done it since Girlfight,” she added.He was real.”“He was a real fucking dude with a big-ass heart. We weren’t thinking about anything else, man.”After Walker’s death, Universal shut down production on Furious 7 “no questions asked” and took four months to reset after the cast and crew agreed to move forward in Walker’s memory. “Maybe dive into comedy a bit and try some new shit.But when the studio and filmmakers floated the idea of bringing the gang back together as the franchise was rebirthed under director Justin Lin, Letty Ortiz gave fans two of their biggest surprises—a shocking offscreen demise in 2009’s Fast & Furious, and a cathartic return from the dead in the closing moments of 2011’s Fast Five.She credits Diesel for fighting to keep the core Fast & Furious family together onscreen.Vin Diesel recently enlisted Ronda Rousey to train his elder daughter in judo.The 48-year-old actor, born Mark Sinclar, revealed as much in an interview with WENN.“They just followed the format without thinking about the reality of it.Is it realistic for a Latin girl who’s with the alpha-est of the alpha males to cheat on him with the cute boy?

“You think about the world and whether it’s owned by the Devil or by God, you think about politics, you think about the planet. So I felt a big responsibility coming into the game.”That’s partly why Rodriguez almost quit her biggest break before it ever became a franchise.“It was my first Hollywood movie,” she recalled.“My brother was just happy that I had a life outside of the ghetto.He was just happy I wasn’t in jail.” Raised a Jehovah’s Witness, the religion didn’t stick, but the mindset did.I had to put my foot down.”“I basically cried and said, I’m going to quit and, ‘Don’t sue me, please—I’m sorry, but I can’t do this in front of millions of people,’” she continued. ”I dream about being the girl who throws a monster right hook when shit goes down at Race Wars, I answer, earning a high-five.“I fought for that one too!“My whole point in being an actress is that I thought I got to live a dream. I fought for the punch, because they didn’t think a girl would ever get involved,” she said.

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Now more than ever, Rodriguez feels the responsibility of repping the streets from inside the party.“To me, it’s the equivalent of Run DMC doing their first track with Aerosmith,” Rodriguez exclaimed while reclining inside a luxury trailer parked at Dodger Stadium. Didn’t expect to make a splash, didn’t think we’d be around for long—booyakasha! T., Machete, and Avatar, it’s the Fast & Furious series that has been her cinematic anchor for 14 years, and gifted her the role that most closely mirrors her renegade spirit.

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