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You should download a library, and keep it up-to-date and patched so that you're secure against recently discovered vulnerabilities and to changes in browsers.It's still a useful answer for people who need to do the same thing as the OP (like me) and don't mind using j Query (like me), not to mention, it could have been useful to the OP if they were considering using j Query. Keep in mind that the chilling effect you might have by chastising useful answers without good reason.So you match every non ascii character (because of the not) and do a replace on everything that matches. I came here looking for a solution for extended ascii characters, but couldnt find it. But that works only for ASCII Code upto 127(obviously you can replace the encoding type in his code, but i think it was a bit complex to understand. Here's a solution that works for extended ASCII codes i.e. Get Bytes(str1) Dim str2 As String = extended Ascii. string input String = "Räksmörgås"; string as Ascii = Encoding. upto 255 which is the ISO 8859-1 It finds and strips out non-ascii characters(greater than 255) Dim str1 as String= "â, ?? The rest were either evacuated into Freeside or promptly killed. House was dedicated to restoring the Strip, he insisted on transforming the tribes into families with cultures that hearkened back to Vegas' glory days. House won control over the residents of Vault 21 after a gambling match with the vault's best players.

These tribes began running the Gomorrah, Tops and Ultra-Luxe casinos respectively, shortly after House discovered the New California Republic exploring the Mojave.If not having valid XML markup is a requirement for you, you could try using: A lot of people have answered this already, but I thought it might be useful to share the function I wrote that strips HTML tags from a string but allows you to include an array of tags that you do not want stripped.It's pretty short and has been working nicely for me.Beyond the Beef Classic Inspiration For the Republic, Part 2How Little We Know Pheeble Will Ring-a-Ding-Ding!Suits You, Sarah Talent Pool The House Always Wins The Moon Comes Over the Tower Wild Card Tourist Traipse Useless Baubles or Fancy Trinkets?

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