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4 Angela Braly, Chief executive, president, Well Point, U. 5 Cynthia Carroll, Chief executive, Anglo American, U.

Rosenfeld, Chairman, chief executive, Kraft Foods, U. Catz, President and chief financial officer, Oracle, U. Julie Gerberding, Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U. 25 Michelle Bachelet, President, Chile 26 Ellen Alemany, Chief executive, Royal Bank of Scotland Americas, U. 27 Carol Meyrowitz, Chief executive, president, The TJX Cos., U.

51 Ana Patricia Botin Chairman, Banesto Spain 52 Tzipora Livni Vice prime minister and minister of foreign affairs Israel 53 Dominique Senequier Chief executive officer, AXA Private Equity France 54 Amy Pascal Co-chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment U.

With the eyes of the world on New York for the 64th General Assembly of the United Nations, we welcomed more than 300 of the world’s most influential women for dinner on Wednesday night.The economic component of the ranking considers job title and past career accomplishments, as well as the amount of money the woman controls. A chief executive “”controls”” the revenue of her business, for instance, while a head of state gets the country’s gross domestic product. Hillary Clinton (overall rank: 28) is the woman with the highest public profile, resulting from the intense media scrutiny of her failed presidential bid. Bair, Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., U. Her comments echo those of Facebook CEO and mother-of-two Sheryl Sandberg, who said earlier this year that there is no such thing as a work-life balance, adding: ‘There’s work, and there’s life, and there’s no balance.’At the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado, Mrs Nooyi, who studied business at Yale University, also suggested a woman’s ‘biological clock and career clock are in total, complete conflict with each other’.‘The person who hurts the most through this whole thing is your spouse. You know, [my husband] Raj always said, you know what, your list is Pepsi Co, Pepsi Co, Pepsi Co, our two kids, your mom, and then at the bottom of the list is me.’She said: ‘I travel a lot, and when my kids were tiny, especially my second one, we had strict rules on playing Nintendo. I’ve given her permission.” So it’s seamless parenting.

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