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When i finished suiting up that I really felt like I was going for something fun and exciting…After suiting up it was a short wait before we were called up one by one for the real thing.Then suddenly it was my turn, time for me to don my mask and helmet. Checking and rechecking that it was secured properly. between regret of getting into the car and the excitement of being driven…I was then ushered quickly to the pit waiting for them to setup the car. All i could remember was, let the button go if u have any problem… my emotion was all jumbled up and i was really tense with anticipation.. damn he really stepped that accelerator and before long we were already hurtling at speeds that i would never drive my car….The tour then moved on to the perdana suite where all the VVIPs / Head of states / Royals watch the race.The place has two level, one on top of the roof where they have a 360 view of the whole circuit.This is where every activity on the circuit is monitored, they can control the cameras from the room, pan tilt zoom, you name it they can do it.

Finished with registration we headed on to have our lunch, Alex Yoong was already there, apparently he finished driving early and was already having his lunch.Tingkat bawah: - Ruang tamu yang luas lagi selesa, sofa disediakan, TV dan astro, meja makan, dapur(boleh memasak),tandas Tingkat atas: - 3 bilik tidur dengan aircond dan 3 tandas - 1 bilik tidur utama dengan 1 katil double dan 1 katil single beserta tandas dan TV - 2 bilik tidur dengan 2 katil single berserta tandas Lokasi menarik berhampiran: - Berhadapan pintu masuk utama Kompleks Sukan Gong Badak - 0.8km ke Lapangan Terbang Sultan Mahmud - 2.5km ke UNISZA, UMT dan ILP - 1km ke Sekolah Teknik Lapangan Terbang, Kolej Vokasional dan Sekolah Sains Sultan Mahmud - 1km ke Pantai Teluk Ketapang(Ikan Celup Tepung ICT)paling terkenal - 2.5km ke air gelas besar dan keropok lekor Bukit Tok Beng - 7km ke Bandar K. Back in March 2012 (still this year ) I had the luck to won a lucky draw by Maybank for its customers.Nothing look interesting to me because at that time it was empty and couldn’t really feel nor imagine how the place looked like when it is in full swing.We were then brought to the winners’ circle, of course everyone took a turn at taking a picture of themselves on top of the podium Then we proceeded to the control room where they have a wall full of monitors showing feed from numerous camera around the circuit.

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We were given a big box with a small card inside and that’s it.

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