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Can Naruto understand the ways of the magical world?

That can wait as she now has a second chance to fix all that went wrong.After a Tsukuyomi mishap, Konan lands in the Soul Society, and immediately meets one who calls to her mind memories she thought to be long gone in Ichigo, to interesting results. Sasuke was the only thing that mattered, everything else was expendable. Itax Sasu Narux Sasu.-- What was supposed to be a normal spring ball, turned into the possible declaration of war. Itachi hadn't cared about the price when he built their world and didn't care what he had to pay now to keep it that way. I will make my pain absolute and I-," a scream interrupted Pein's little monologue."Hey Pein, Pein, Pein! Rated M for adult situations I do not own anything Konan's Shopping Day"This world will feel my pain, my pain will devour their souls and their flesh, and I will become god in a pain filled world.

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However when she visits the uchiha district with sasuke the two are attacked by a blinding light and are made unconscious because of it.

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