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A new sample was flagged by one of my Bank Bot rules: .

It struck me as different than the usual Bank Bot samples since it was tagged as using Dex Protector, a tool to heavily obfuscate APKs.

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Register now to get FREE access to: Issuer Ratings. The rating history for this credit rating accurately reflects the current status of the (sf) indicator but, due to technical limitations, does not accurately reflect the (sf) indicator history.

I ended up using sample 7c2e913571dad579fc8fa3a03171cf523e86a0686e1ba14f277da33569410646 for this purpose since it's very recent (March 28, 2017) and also had the ' The key in the sample used for comparison ended up being the same as used in the Google Play sample, so I was lucky enough not to have to spend any additional time figuring that out. VBSmart Phone App bank mbs com.akbank.akbank_direkt com.akbank.akbank_direkt_tablet com.akbank.softotp com.alinma.smartphone android.gomoney com.cbk com.bancamarch.bancamovil com.bancomer.mbanking com.bancsabadell.wallet com.bankinter.launcher bbvacontigo bbvawalletmx netcash netcashar nxt_tablet com.binckbank.evolution easybanking tablet365 com.bsffm com.business_token com.cajamar. CMBlloyds TSB73 hsbcukcmb hsbcpersonalbanking mobile.abroad ARG com.mobilebank banking2 diba.mbbr2 diba.smartsecure2 mobile mobilepayments com.ingbanktr.cuzdan com.ingbanktr.ingmobil com.intertech.mobilemoneytransfer.activity com.isis_papyrus.raiffeisen_pay_eyewdg mobilebanking kfhonline com.kutxabank.appatxas com.kuveytturk.mobil com.latuabanca_tabperandroid com.latuabancaperandroid com.lloydsbank.businessmobile com.magiclick.odeabank com.mobileloft.alpha.droid ar mobs softtoken com.pozitron.iscep com.pozitron.vakifbank ruralviatablet com.s4m baj.aljazirasmart com.sella. SCRIGNOapp it.relaxbanking mbanking.

Tenemos una licencia de Proveedor de servicios de pago europeo (PSP) conforme a la Directiva sobre servicios de pago (PSD) 2007/64/CE.

Y estamos registrados en el Banco de España como proveedor de servicio de pago.

In addition the app name wasn't the usual popular name (i.e.

Flash Player, HD Coded or Google Play Update), so I figured I'd check it out a bit more.

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