Audrey case and george lawrence ii dating website

I loved this dance and I have missed Mia on this show.

Only she would say okay you are going to kiss and while you are doing that you are going to continue to dance with the rest of your body.

Nigel tells them that he enjoyed this routine more than anything else that night and praised them for their musicality and technique.

Mary praises Audrey, telling her that she was just perfection.

Guest judge Zooey Deschanel praises Audrey for being extremely graceful.

Nigel tells the pair that although he thinks they'll do well, they will have some tough competition.

She confesses that her direct competition is fellow jazz dancer Tiffany Maher.

The performance finale was busy itself, each contestant danced 7 times tonight.

So I’ll give my thoughts on the new dances we saw tonight…I’ll discuss what they chose as their favorite in a different post.

Top 4: Chris Scott and Travis Wall I really enjoyed this collaboration from the two choreographers.

Each one of the dancers represented element; Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water.

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